(c) Cal   June 14th 2012

June 12th 2012

It is a warm beautiful spring morning. The temperature hovers around seventy-two degrees. There is a slight breeze blowing. I’m sitting on our wood and cast iron front porch swing. It’s close to 11.00 a.m. as I look out into the neighborhood viewing the trees, the birds and houses on our street in Allen Park MI. I’m drinking my coffee and meditating by contemplating spiritual principles. This form of prayer while communing with nature and the divinity in everything that is, always brings peace to me.

As I reflect on the phrase I believe in God, a bird or two fly’s by, occasionally one lands near me.  A small white butterfly flutters by, taking me back to those summer days during my childhood when things were so peaceful, innocent and right. Reminiscing, I wonder if there are any Monarch butterfly’s around. I haven’t seen one yet. You see; I have been living here for only one month to date.

I dwell on the magnificent Monarch butterfly. After a few moments pass, I am consumed with the pure love and peace of God. It’s not very often I experience enlightenment, but today for just these few moments I feel true bliss. Everything is absolutely wonderful and pure, charged with the HIS omnipresence, feeling God totally absorbed in my being and in everything that is.

Suddenly, from out of no-where, a Monarch butterfly appears, flying right in front of me. He circles around the front yard a few times. I watch him fly majestically, and proudly. He fly’s off across the street bobbing up and down in the wind. My butterfly then slowly disappears into the trees. I know I am very very blessed.

I pick up my copy of THE PERENNIAL PHILOSOPHY by Aldous Huxley I had placed on the bench earlier and read for about an hour and a half. When I’ve finished my reading, I gaze into the street again enjoying the view, the day and my most wonderful experience.


monarck 8..12..13

Picture #2-   ~ Cal’s kindergarten crayon drawing of two Monarch butterflies circa 1955/1956 ~

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~~ BLUEBIRDS CAN FLY IN THE RAIN ~~ … A Touching Song Lyric…A True Story…



© Cal   2004


I’ll always remember that Greyhound

Seeing you leave one last time

As I looked up

Your sad lonely eyes

Told me the story

As you waved goodbye


Bluebirds can fly in the rain

Through skies dark and cloudy never afraid

Bluebirds can fly in the rain

When you feel your falling

Look up I’ll be calling cause

Bluebirds can fly in the rain


Your squadron was nicknamed The Bluebirds

Your plane went down in the war

You weren’t quite so well

We barely could tell

Taking all those long trips

To the VA Motel


Bluebirds can fly in the rain

Through skies dark and cloudy never afraid

Bluebirds can fly in the rain

When you feel your falling

Look up I’ll be calling cause

Bluebirds can fly in the rain


Only a miracle could keep us together

You never came home to stay

I’ll forever hold in my heart what you told me

How Bluebirds can fly in the rain


Bluebirds can fly in the rain

Through skies dark and cloudy never afraid

Bluebirds can fly in the rain

When you feel your falling

Look up I’ll be calling cause

Bluebirds can fly in the rain


Fly in the rain

Those Bluebirds still fly

They fly in the rain

Those Bluebirds still fly


Picture of VA Hospital Building courtesy of Eric Larson cardcow.com



A True Divine Experience

(c) Cal  April 26th 2012

Wednesday April 25th 2012   mozart-cd-scan2

Today is a damp, dull, and cloudy spring day. Being trash day, one could be ticketed for parking on the street. My van is parked on our driveway, unfortunately blocked in by my roommate’s car. Ken went to the hospital to see his mother. He rode with his sister in her car, and forgot to leave the keys to the red Chevy Aveo parked in front of my van. So, unable to drive my van, and not feeling like walking anywhere, I decide to stay home and use the new HP computer in the family room.

My plan is to check my e-mail, surf the net for a job, and play Chess. As I boot up the puter, I notice a shoe box containing CD ROM disks on the computer desk shelf. Because I need two particular disks to reformat an older dysfunctional DELL puter Ken’s family gave me, I sift through the box and come across the two CD’s I need; the applications CD and the drivers CD. I joyfully think, what a great find. I already have the operating system CD, and these gifts are the icing on the cake.

I also discover an audio CD titled; MOZART MUSICAL MASTERPIECES. Because I am a musician, and love classical music, I decide to load this CD on the computer and listen to Mozart. I see the CD graphics and song list booting up. Success! As I view the play list  I click on Concerto per Clarinetto K622. When the song begins playing, I am touched by the sensitive, soothing passages reaching into my heart, my mind, my body and my soul. You see, there was havoc here at home for two days now, and this music created a perfect, peaceful, content state of well-being.

While listening to Mozart’s music, I connect to POGO an online game web-site. I log onto a Chess table. On this web-site, one can play the computer, or compete against players who elect to join your table. Anyway’s, while totally enjoying the music, a Chess player joins my table. You see, every player has a screen name. My new opponent’s screen name was unbelievably posted as Mozart! I type in my news about finding and listening to the Mozart CD on the site’s chat window. Mozart reads my comment and exclaims; “I love Mozart’s music!” I win the first game of Chess. Mozart wins the second game.

As the sun comes out I glance into the backyard looking through the sliding glass doors in the family room. I enjoy viewing the birds, the squirrels, the colorful flowers in the garden and on the trees, feeling totally blessed. I burn a copy of that MOZART MUSICAL MASTERPIECES CD, and will enjoy the music for a long time

I don’t think, wonder, or try to conceive of how or why these events occurred: Finding and playing a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart CD, and moments later, playing Chess with a player who calls himself Mozart. I am convinced these events were orchestrated by God. Only He knows when and what we all need. I consider these gifts received today as blessings; Divine and absolutely breathless. I will always remember and enjoy the beauty of this day, the computer disks, Chess and Mozart!

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September 26th 2013…..

Today I must include this snippet of information that adds to my story.

While leaving the Taylor Memorial Library in Taylor MI, I noticed a few books,

CD’s and albums for sale on a table near the exit.

My eyes were drawn to a very particular CD…

You see; for sale for 25 cents, in brand new condition in its original box,

with a booklet describing his life and career was ;


Of course, I did purchase that CD.

How wonderful life can be!

Mozart new

(c ) Cal September 27th 2013




A Day Filled With Tiny Blessings

(c) Cal   March 18th 2012′

Sunday March 11th 2012

I had two items listed for sale in our church paper. A heavy duty rain suit and a cable style gun lock. Because a couple of months have passed, and the items were not selling, I had the ads removed from the paper. I also had several items on craigslist for sale, of which many were not selling. So, I deleted two of my posts advertising jewelry. My plan was to donate the jewelry to our local St. Vincent De’ Paul’s resale shop.

Later in the day I received a call from a man who wished to purchase that rain suit advertised in the church paper; you see, my ad was still in the paper at that time. He came by and bought my rain suit for the asking price of ten dollars. Wow! I thought to myself. Was my intention to help others- by donating my jewelry- rewarded by this surprise sale of my rain suit?

Well, my story does not end here. The following Saturday was an unusually warm winter day. The temperature reached the seventies. The sun was shining, the birds chirping. I felt very peaceful and happy. Being such a wonderful day, I decided to drive to that St. Vincent De’ Paul’s thrift store to donate my jewelry.

I must now add some information that will help explain my experiences. For approximately fifteen years I took several different health supplements. Because of my financial situation, I couldn’t afford to buy them for some time. Now that I have a bit of income, a month ago I purchased Barley Life; a powdered form of young barley plants. Just last Friday, I ordered one bottle of KM; the essence of 14 herbs in liquid form. In the past, I used an old shot glass to pour the KM into. The shot glass was the perfect size for my daily dose. Unfortunately, about a year ago, I found my old shot glass broken while rummaging through my kitchen items in storage. After searching many resale shops, I could not find “any shot glasses” for sale.

Also, during my expediting days over the road, while in a Virginia Beach souvenir shop, I heard Avril Lavigne’s hit song COMPLICATED over the sound system. The music sounded awesome. It reached deep inside my mind, my body and soul, filling me with total peace and joy. These sensations I knew were of a spiritual and divine nature. I experience these same feelings from time to time, when hearing music- particularly on nice days and in stores- and have labeled this as, THE MUSIC.

Here is where I received a second surprise. I went into that St. Vincent De’ Paul’s store. I donated my jewelry at the front counter. As I headed to the glassware section I heard music from the store’s speaker system; that awesome feeling came over me again. THE MUSIC filled me with love, peace and joy. After briefly viewing a few high ball glasses, and while scanning over the row of bric-a-brac, my eyes zoomed in on one lone item sitting on the shelf; I found that old “shot glass” I was searching for. It was a collectable, and in near perfect condition. It was the only “shot glass” in the store.

One may speculate that these events were only coincidences. And that I may be over emotional, and a bit eccentric. But I truly believe that the little blessings in life are worth their weight in gold sometimes. And, that giving brings wealth to all; and receiving is a product of charitable works. THE MUSIC is no illusion; like everything else in this world, are divine works of God.     

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~~~ WHEN THE HAWK CAME TO ME ~~~ … A Heavenly Rising Of Consciousness … …….. A True And Divine Experience ……..


A Heavenly Rising Of Consciousness- A True And Divine Experience.

© Cal   January 2012

Thursday January 5th 2012

We are having a very mild winter in Michigan this year. Today is a beautiful afternoon with a slight breeze, and no snow on the ground. The temperature is in the mid-forties as the sun gently peeks through the sparse clouds. Because I have no plans of what to do, or where to go, I choose to sit in my van, and enjoy the nice day looking across the huge field that borders my storage facility. My mood is serene; I feel totally peaceful, contemplating nature and the divinity in everything that is. I decide to test my consciousness level, thinking; “Can I create anything I wish?”

My attention is drawn to a pair of hawks circling above. They are flying approximately a hundred yards into the field, and about two hundred feet above. The hawks are making circular passes in a small area, most likely searching for food. So, my intention is to bring the closest bird to me. I think to myself; “Come to me.”

Now, I must introduce one element that adds excitement to this story. I have hanging on my sun visor an ornament. It is composed of a thin silver metal frame with a sun in the lower left corner whose rays branch out across the piece. In the center is a white dove holding an olive branch in its beak, wings spread open. The sun and its rays are transparent stained glass pieces, the rays are of different colors. Near the bottom is inscribed; Peace Be With You. One can see through the ornament and view whatever may be behind it.

Little by little, one of the hawks comes closer and closer to me. As he circles almost directly above, the sun comes out, its rays piercing through my van window and the ornament. At that precise moment, the hawk flies into view as I look through my ornament. I can see both the dove and the hawk at the same time as the sun’s rays glisten through.

As I gleefully watch, the hawk now circles directly above me. The hawk eventually flies low enough-about fifty feet or so- that I can see the detail on his body. My hawk makes a few more passes and eventually flies off into the distance.

I truly believe that God is life; the Divinity in everyone and everything that is. That HE is the soul of man, his true nature. By aligning myself and becoming one with HIM, I was able to raise my consciousness, and create this miraculous event. I will remember this day and sequence of events for the rest of my life..

By meditation, living a spiritual life, and imitating Christ, I believe anyone can raise his consciousness level, and create anything he desires.


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Curious how others think?

Need an opinion, an answer about something?

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 “I’m Sorry!”

A Bit Of Off-Beat Humor

© Cal … June 14th 2011

As we try to detach from life’s annoyances and live peacefully, our pet peeves often try to invade our peace of mind, and thwart our success to live and let live. Never the less, from time to time, a bit of humor and levity can spice up our day and prompt a smile. Hopefully, I will do just that!

The contrite and sincere phrase “I’m sorry” seems to be very overplayed even silly sometimes, when used frivolously……How do you feel when you hear “I’m sorrys” for the wrong reasons?

I have found that those pesky “I’m sorrys” are most prevalent in the grocery stores. My gripe is;  when a customer passes you by while pushing their grocery cart and is a very reasonable distance away, they look at you as if they just prevented a horrible collision by responding “I’m sorry.” Well shoppers, I’m sorry you’re sorry, for doing nothing wrong!!!! 

Can you imagine these people practicing their “I’m sorrys” at home? Or stalk unsuspecting customers ahead, to voice that obsessive out cry for help? I learned to just chuckle as these over inventive and over apologetic shoppers unknowingly waste their time and lives, focusing on such dribble. This distortion of things blocks their awareness to see life’s opportunities lying ahead waiting for them.

What do you do when the person in front of you does not move up when the line moves while waiting in line to check out….especially when the space gets 4 or 5 customers empty…??? Well, to bad the “I’m sorry” people are not around to intervene. Most likely, they would rush to our rescue correcting the non-mover in line by politely saying; “I’m sorry” but can you please move up?

There is nothing wrong with that but, why are the space makers not sorry? Maybe the “I’m sorry people” should be saying; ” I’m sorry you’re not sorry for not moving along.”

Try not to be upset, frustrated, or annoyed by such inconveniences. When someone is overly sorry or not sorry, you can keep your cool, or just simply think to yourself;

 “I’m sorry, you’re so sorry!”


“I’m sorry you’re not sorry.”

Are there any other “I’m sorrys” or other things that bug you?

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 Peronal Memoir- A  Bit of Humor

 (c)   Cal   2002

I guess one might think Ralph Cramden intended to coin the phrases, “To the moon Alice” and “It was a riot, a real riot,” for a reason: To get his message across. Not a mystery or magic, not fiction but fact, the point of his matter was indeed, well received.

To this day, my memories of being FORCED TO THE ALTAR, (some memorable, others objectionable), in my own estimation and interpretation were truly, “a riot, a real riot!”

I guess one might believe, in an objective sense, being FORCED TO THE ALTAR in those days, really wasn’t so bad! Myself now 52, and still single- while relentlessly searching for and choosing my way down life’s paths- now and then reminisce about those fervent times, surfacing from the sound of bells ringing from the steeple on the roof of the old church down the street.

Sometimes, I still look back and think about those solemn hours: Supremely dignified, musically HOLY, a bit show bizzy, reverently costumey, stiff-collared, tight-shoed; occasionally distracted by looks of admiration emanating from the eyes of young girls kneeling in front pews smiling gleefully.

It is my opinion one might wonder, “What has all of this to do with Ralph Cramden?” Well, one could suggest that, those short Latin phrases, some now abandoned, others still saved, projected aloud at the sides of Catholic clergy- dialect memorized, barely comprehended, if at all understood- did have an effect on a host of boys, pardoned from their civil lives of undisciplined mischievous ways.

Their diligent mothers whose dreams and vision prioritized this prerequisite, to complete their self gratifying crusade: To mold and form these prodigies to kneel and pray along side their priests at mass; look and be HOLY; somehow be saved; hollered at if they didn’t and ultimately, hopefully, someday, become priests.

Today, in retrospect, even though many years have past, I still cherish those memories experienced during my boyhood years, growing up in the fifties. I guess one might speculate, or tend to question my reason for trying to-coin the phrase, FORCED TO THE ALTAR, and what all of this has to do with Ralph Cramden?

Well Ralph, God bless me as I reverently jest. My purpose is not to create mystery, magic or fiction: Just fact!

While looking back at those joyous, intimate, slightly sensitive, wondrous, yet adventurous days of my youth spent as an altar boy, one might agree it safe to imply that, the point of my matter was well received; finding it is O.K. to suggest that:

“It was a riot Ralph, a real riot!”



~~~ SITTIN’ ON MY DADDY’S KNEE ~~~ …….. Another Touching Song Lyric ……..



Another Touching Song Lyric

 (c) 1993 Cal

Sometimes while sittin’ on the sofa
He would place me on his knee
Then I’d ask him daddy would you
Read the funnies just for me
It was an early Sunday mornin’
You could feel the gentle summer breeze flow
Through that old screen door once more
Sittin’ on my daddy’s knee

We’d laugh a while
He’d make me smile
Sittin’ on my daddy’s knee
I loved his cozy flannel shirt
His worn out brown slippers
Sittin’ on my daddy’s knee

One time while sippin’ on his coffee
When mom was off to church
I asked him daddy will you
Fix this toy it doesn’t work
We loved those early Sunday mornins’
You could hear the sound of church bells ring in
Through that old screen door once more
Sittin’ on my daddy’s knee

We’d laugh a while
He’d make me smile
Sittin’ on my daddy’s knee
I loved his cozy flannel shirt
His worn out brown slippers
Sittin’ on my daddy’s knee

Now that old winter’s passin’ by
The fresh spring air
Makes me want to sigh
Paintin’ swirlin’ twirlin’ pictures in my mind
Of tender summer days
I never left behind when we would

Laugh a while
He’d always make me smile
Sittin’ on my daddy’s knee
I loved his cozy flannel shirt
His worn out brown slippers
Sittin’ on my daddy’s knee

repeat chorus 1x


Sittin’ on my daddy’s knee
Sittin’ on my daddy’s knee