~~~~~~~~~~ ARE WE ANGELS? ~~~~~~~~~~~




I see that angels look like us with the exception of their wings and halos….

It has been said we have auras; although these auras ( halos? ) are not visible,

 they may be viewed with electronic devices.

I see angels wear clothes like us, and some of them are musicians.

One is reading.

We read………


Most of us do not realize this, but we are divine spiritual beings in a material body…..

although most of us are sleeping and are not aware of our true identity.


Are we fallen angels who have somehow lost our way?

If so, where did we come from?

Is there a place we will go to when we regain our true identity?

Is being an angel our true identity?


Thus, these things may be quite rightly discussed, and most humbly I ask you this question:



blue angels of god

guy angels harpsangels 3 w horns  angel w horn

angel in cove book

square angel w kids

angles of th elord prayer

(c) 2015 November by  Cal