Do you wish to find pure peace, infinite happiness,  and total success in your life?

“Know thyself. ”  

Cal..Camping at IRISH HILLS MI..2014

Cal..Camping at IRISH HILLS MI..2014


“The Kingdom Of Heaven is inside you” 

No matter how turbulent, chaotic, or disruptive the world can be:

When one is well on the inside, all is well on the outside.

All days are wonderful, peaceful and successful when one is awake

to the Truth.


Be aware of your true self- your true nature- your true spirit; by knowing God in every moment.

That He is: The Truth. Life itself. The Divine Reality, the divinity in everyone and every thing there is, the essence of all creation, the soul of man.

That He is: Perfect love, perfect peace, the unchanging principle of perfect good, the supreme creator of all that is.

Because we are created in the perfect image and likeness of God, your true self is all those things  He is.

Detach and “die daily” from your ego; your false self, your worst enemy.

Discover and know your true spirit . You don’t have to look very far because;

” The Kingdom Of Heaven is inside you.”

And all things are positively, divinely, absolutely possible, through Him.


A bit about myself, and my site.

I am a keyboardist/lyricist/songwriter, and also a most humble short story writer, poet, and humorist.

Some of my pennings are humorous, a few personal memoirs, and the most recent are true spiritual experiences. Included are a few of my interesting song lyric.

I like helping people, anytime I am able, and can give you advice when I know what works, or at least what has worked for me. Two heads are better than one sometimes; or at least that’s what they say.

I encourage anyone who needs a shoulder to lean on, or if you just wish to chat, to feel free to interact  on my posts:


Click on the balloon top right on any post, to view  or post comments.

Tnx for visiting my site.



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