A Day Filled With Tiny Blessings

(c) Cal   March 18th 2012′


Sunday March 11th 2012

I had two items listed for sale in our church paper. A heavy duty rain suit and a cable style gun lock. Because a couple of months have passed, and the items were not selling, I had the ads removed from the paper. I also had several items on craigslist for sale, of which many were not selling. So, I deleted two of my posts advertising jewelry. My plan was to donate the jewelry to our local St. Vincent De’ Paul’s resale shop.

Later in the day I received a call from a man who wished to purchase that rain suit advertised in the church paper; you see, my ad was still in the paper at that time. He came by and bought my rain suit for the asking price of ten dollars. Wow! I thought to myself. Was my intention to help others- by donating my jewelry- rewarded by this surprise sale of my rain suit?

Well, my story does not end here. The following Saturday was an unusually warm winter day. The temperature reached the seventies. The sun was shining, the birds chirping. I felt very peaceful and happy. Being such a wonderful day, I decided to drive to that St. Vincent De’ Paul’s thrift store to donate my jewelry.

I must now add some information that will help explain my experiences. For approximately fifteen years I took several different health supplements. Because of my financial situation, I couldn’t afford to buy them for some time. Now that I have a bit of income, a month ago I purchased Barley Life; a powdered form of young barley plants. Just last Friday, I ordered one bottle of KM; the essence of 14 herbs in liquid form. In the past, I used an old shot glass to pour the KM into. The shot glass was the perfect size for my daily dose. Unfortunately, about a year ago, I found my old shot glass broken while rummaging through my kitchen items in storage. After searching many resale shops, I could not find “any shot glasses” for sale.

Also, during my expediting days over the road, while in a Virginia Beach souvenir shop, I heard Avril Lavigne’s hit song COMPLICATED over the sound system. The music sounded awesome. It reached deep inside my mind, my body and soul, filling me with total peace and joy. These sensations I knew were of a spiritual and divine nature. I experience these same feelings from time to time, when hearing music- particularly on nice days and in stores- and have labeled this as, THE MUSIC.

Here is where I received a second surprise. I went into that St. Vincent De’ Paul’s store. I donated my jewelry at the front counter. As I headed to the glassware section I heard music from the store’s speaker system; that awesome feeling came over me again. THE MUSIC filled me with love, peace and joy. After briefly viewing a few high ball glasses, and while scanning over the row of bric-a-brac, my eyes zoomed in on one lone item sitting on the shelf; I found that old “shot glass” I was searching for. It was a collectable, and in near perfect condition. It was the only “shot glass” in the store.

One may speculate that these events were only coincidences. And that I may be over emotional, and a bit eccentric. But I truly believe that the little blessings in life are worth their weight in gold sometimes. And, that giving brings wealth to all; and receiving is a product of charitable works. THE MUSIC is no illusion; like everything else in this world, are divine works of God.

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