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cal web blck multi.

View some of my musical background, and hear my original compositions embellished by cool pictures



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7 comments on “~ ~ ~ ~ CAL’S MUSIC & CONTACT LINKS~ ~ ~ ~

    • Hi again-
      You might try doing a search such as:
      “How to write a bio for singers” and find sites like this one below…..

      (click on these links to get to the sites)

      Also search “How do I build my own website”
      and “How can I post my original music online.”
      Most of these site do not charge any fees.
      You can build a soundclick web-site to post your bio and mp3’s of
      your songs/with you singing at
      There are many other sites where you can build your own music web-sites
      where folks can see your talents.

      A good all around information site for artists is:
      Go to “forums” & see the different posts/threads. If you sign up and get a user name, you are allowed to see the pics of the other members, post your own new topics…questions/lyrics/mp3’s etc..and members will give you answers.

      Tell the moderator Brian, “Cal sent ya!”


      • Sorry, but I do not know any voice teachers to refer to you.
        You might try posting an ad on a board at U of M or Henry Ford Colleges.
        Call the schools and someone there may be able to direct you. Call some local music stores and ask them….
        Guitar Center in Allen Park, has a board in the back to post things. Do some searches online…maybe post an ad on craigslist in community/musicians.

        Hope this helps.


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