(c) Cal   June 14th 2012

June 12th 2012

It is a warm beautiful spring morning. The temperature hovers around seventy-two degrees. There is a slight breeze blowing. I’m sitting on our wood and cast iron front porch swing. It’s close to 11.00 a.m. as I look out into the neighborhood viewing the trees, the birds and houses on our street in Allen Park MI. I’m drinking my coffee and meditating by contemplating spiritual principles. This form of prayer while communing with nature and the divinity in everything that is, always brings peace to me.

As I reflect on the phrase I believe in God, a bird or two fly’s by, occasionally one lands near me.  A small white butterfly flutters by, taking me back to those summer days during my childhood when things were so peaceful, innocent and right. Reminiscing, I wonder if there are any Monarch butterfly’s around. I haven’t seen one yet. You see; I have been living here for only one month to date.

I dwell on the magnificent Monarch butterfly. After a few moments pass, I am consumed with the pure love and peace of God. It’s not very often I experience enlightenment, but today for just these few moments I feel true bliss. Everything is absolutely wonderful and pure, charged with the HIS omnipresence, feeling God totally absorbed in my being and in everything that is.

Suddenly, from out of no-where, a Monarch butterfly appears, flying right in front of me. He circles around the front yard a few times. I watch him fly majestically, and proudly. He fly’s off across the street bobbing up and down in the wind. My butterfly then slowly disappears into the trees. I know I am very very blessed.

I pick up my copy of THE PERENNIAL PHILOSOPHY by Aldous Huxley I had placed on the bench earlier and read for about an hour and a half. When I’ve finished my reading, I gaze into the street again enjoying the view, the day and my most wonderful experience.

monarck 8..12..13

Picture #2-   ~ Cal’s kindergarten crayon drawing of two Monarch butterflies circa 1955/1956 ~

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