(c) Cal    September 12th 2012

Most folks have heard the expression “dreams can come true.” And for many of us, this concept rings true.  People  ad-here to this belief by having high hopes; and pursuing  their most passionate goals, wishes, needs or  desires.  I will prove how dreams do come true sometimes, but in a different, mysterious, surprising, yet uplifting and profound way.

My story starts around August 21st, 2012. I dreamt I was in a huge indoor facility.  I saw a piano, sat down and played a few tunes, of which a couple  were my original compositions. When I finished playing, as I got up, a small crowd of about five or six people applauded.

Now on August 25th 2012, only a few days later, I visited a local flea market. The Weekend Pickers Flea Market is held in a huge old trucking warehouse. The pickers are those entrepreneurs who find, collect, buy and sell used stuff.  Being a slow Saturday, many of the booths were closing early, and there were only a scant number of people walking around.

After cruising the market for a while, I noticed a piano at a booth sporting a for sale sign. It was an old Everett console piano. I believe it had a light Oak, or Pecan finish. I was anxious to hear if the instrument was in tune, and how it played. I walked over and hit a few notes, then played a few quick riffs. A man standing near by, exclaimed; “Play some more!” So I then asked the booth owner if it was okay, and she told me “I don’t mind, go ahead.” Sitting down at the piano, I played three songs, including my original compositions. As I got up to leave, a small crowd of three people smiled, and clapped enthusiastically. One gentleman complemented me saying “You’re the best one yet!”

Because I haven’t performed live for a long time, am in need of practice, and hoped to enjoy an opportunity to perform in public, I asked the proprietor of the booth, if I could come back and play again. She told me “sure.” I came back two weeks later, performing on Saturday and Sunday, singing and also playing instrumental versions of traditional Country, oldies, and my original compositions. I have an open invitation to come by and play the piano on weekends. I hoped that my entertaining would help draw people to the flea market, and of course, to Marion’s booth, helping to sell the piano; you see, business was slow and she does need the money.

Here, I will answer the question “Can dreams really come true?” and also introduce a unique spin on this story. The concept that dreams can come true is exactly that; my dream did actually, surprisingly enough, literally come true!

By the way, here is another twist in my story. While the word pickers used in the name of the flea market on their flyers and other places describes those who buy and sell goods at the flea market, the word pickers also applies to musicians. You see; musicians are also known as pickers who perform and play musical instruments.

Do you have a dream that came true?

Feel free to tell us your story.


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