…….~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ “I’M SORRY!” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


 “I’m Sorry!”

A Bit Of Off-Beat Humor

© Cal … June 14th 2011


As we try to detach from life’s annoyances and live peacefully, our pet peeves often try to invade our peace of mind, and thwart our success to live and let live. Never the less, from time to time, a bit of humor and levity can spice up our day and prompt a smile. Hopefully, I will do just that!

The contrite and sincere phrase “I’m sorry” seems to be very overplayed even silly sometimes, when used frivolously……How do you feel when you hear “I’m sorrys” for the wrong reasons?

I have found that those pesky “I’m sorrys” are most prevalent in the grocery stores. My gripe is;  when a customer passes you by while pushing their grocery cart and is a very reasonable distance away, they look at you as if they just prevented a horrible collision by responding “I’m sorry.” Well shoppers, I’m sorry you’re sorry, for doing nothing wrong!!!! 

Can you imagine these people practicing their “I’m sorrys” at home? Or stalk unsuspecting customers ahead, to voice that obsessive out cry for help? I learned to just chuckle as these over inventive and over apologetic shoppers unknowingly waste their time and lives, focusing on such dribble. This distortion of things blocks their awareness to see life’s opportunities lying ahead waiting for them.

What do you do when the person in front of you does not move up when the line moves while waiting in line to check out….especially when the space gets 4 or 5 customers empty…??? Well, to bad the “I’m sorry” people are not around to intervene. Most likely, they would rush to our rescue correcting the non-mover in line by politely saying; “I’m sorry” but can you please move up?

There is nothing wrong with that but, why are the space makers not sorry? Maybe the “I’m sorry people” should be saying; ” I’m sorry you’re not sorry for not moving along.”

Try not to be upset, frustrated, or annoyed by such inconveniences. When someone is overly sorry or not sorry, you can keep your cool, or just simply think to yourself;

“I’m sorry, you’re so sorry!”


“I’m sorry you’re not sorry.”

Are there any other “I’m sorrys” or other things that bug you?

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