~~~ WHEN THE HAWK CAME TO ME ~~~ A Heavenly Rising Of Consciousness A True And Divine Experience 



A Heavenly Rising Of Consciousness..

A True And Divine Experience.

© Cal   January 2012



Thursday January 5th 2012

We are having a very mild winter in Michigan this year. Today is a beautiful afternoon with a slight breeze, and no snow on the ground. The temperature is in the mid-forties as the sun gently peeks through the sparse clouds. Because I have no plans of what to do, or where to go, I choose to sit in my van, and enjoy the nice day looking across the huge field that borders my storage facility. My mood is serene; I feel totally peaceful, contemplating nature and the divinity in everything that is. I decide to test my consciousness level, thinking; “Can I create anything I wish?”

My attention is drawn to a pair of hawks circling above. They are flying approximately a hundred yards into the field, and about two hundred feet above. The hawks are making circular passes in a small area, most likely searching for food. So, my intention is to bring the closest bird to me. I think to myself; “Come to me.”

Now, I must introduce one element that adds excitement to this story. I have hanging on my sun visor an ornament. It is composed of a thin silver metal frame with a sun in the lower left corner whose rays branch out across the piece. In the center is a white dove holding an olive branch in its beak, wings spread open. The sun and its rays are transparent stained glass pieces, the rays are of different colors. Near the bottom is inscribed; Peace Be With You. One can see through the ornament and view whatever may be behind it.

Little by little, one of the hawks comes closer and closer to me. As he circles almost directly above, the sun comes out, its rays piercing through my van window and the ornament. At that precise moment, the hawk flies into view as I look through my ornament. I can see both the dove and the hawk at the same time as the sun’s rays glisten through.

As I gleefully watch, the hawk now circles directly above me. The hawk eventually flies low enough-about fifty feet or so- that I can see the detail on his body. My hawk makes a few more passes and eventually flies off into the distance.

I truly believe that God is life; the Divinity in everyone and everything that is. That HE is the soul of man, his true nature. By aligning myself and becoming one with HIM, I was able to raise my consciousness, and create this miraculous event. I will remember this day and sequence of events for the rest of my life..

By meditation, living a spiritual life, and imitating Christ, I believe anyone can raise his consciousness level, and create anything he desires.


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